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    Bella – Special girl Bella, is a great conversational person who loves to drink red and white wine while having dinner or making a celebration in the restaurant. She always dressed differently then the others Here is a very special addition to Blue Monday’s wonderful list. Bella is a delicately beautiful Serbian girl, with a perfect body and porcelain skin that sets off a gorgeous face and sinuous curves. Let us make a suggestion for when you meet with her, to meet her you must. Watch her move away across the room, and (even better idea) watch her move back close to you then. It is the movement of a young gazelle, a foal in the spring; it is the movement of a trained and practiced ballet dancer – for indeed she is. It is a pleasure all of its own – though only one of many that you can enjoy with our lovely Bella. As a fashion designer she chooses: Givency as good as well. And as a perfume always was in love with Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Drinks Jack Daniels and white wine. Dancing shoes on please, sashay to the phone, and call us for the first, last, and every other waltz with our perfect dancer. AGENCY OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-SUNDAY: 9 am to 6 am